Monday, May 4, 2009

Less than 2 weeks until we leave.....

I have no idea how much internet access or time for blogging I'll have once we get there. It is my hope that I will be able to post on occasion to keep people updated and also to save me from having to re-tell what I did 9 thousand times. This way people can just stay up to date and read for themselves. Hopefully this does not get me hooked on blogging.

Today we had a lovely 2 hour meeting about the logistics of this all. And it was advised that we do not dress like Americans. This means no writings on T-shirts, shorts, and most of all NO cowboy hats. Just sayin'.


  1. Emmy i'll be stalking u on here as well as facebook! love u! i'll take good good good care of ur puppy while ur gone! i love u! ur my hero with the packing and lifestyle u'll live over there!!!!

    ur sis <3

  2. Emily I love you much and am so happy for you. I will also take good care of the puppy. I will even have Tinkerbell over to play with her cousin. And I promise I will not give him to much whip cream

  3. Hi Emily,

    Have a wonderful time in Germany. You are lucky to be able to take this wonderful trip.

    Love, Aunt Chris

  4. Glad I can visit with you Saturday before you leave on Sunday