Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday May 25

Today we went out and saw three little organs. I tell you, it's a good thing I have Poco or I would never ever come back to the US. It's just to great here.

First stop was to St. Barholomaus Kirche, Dornum. This church had a Lutheran Kindergarten and the kids were all out playing and talking in German. The organ was pretty great, but not my most favorite. This small German town had a castle, and felt more German because it was out in the country with winding roads, lush gardens, and old German style housing. After playing the organ, we went out and some had real tea with this great German china tea set. So fun.


Playing the organ


Tea party!

Next stop was Ev. Luth. Kirche, Carolinesiel. Again, so tiny there wasn't much info on the building. It was far far north, by the sea, so there were a lot of sail boats in this church.

Playing the organ
Our last stop was huge, so putting it in a different post...

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  1. might i add that you do have a sweet boy to come home too! he spent the day with grammy & he's brushed, smelling beautiful, grabbed his blue bone and trot trot trot off to snuggle in the covers with mom n dad! i can't get over how cute he is! miss ya! hope ur enjoying it :)