Friday, May 22, 2009


So we were up pretty early again, and headed to Stade to see St. Cosmae und Damiani Kirche. The church was beautiful and whatever, but the organ WOW. I tell you, I’ve died and gone to heaven. I think I missed half the church because I was to busy drooling over the organ. Seriously. This one was a Hus/Schnitger organ (III/42) with a shove coupler, modified meantone, and pretty much amazing. I’ve never heard meantone in real life, only in recordings, and it was pretty much instant love. I can't even describe the sound. Best advise I can tell you is go see for yourself someday. For now, pics will have to suffice.

The altar

The organ

Now if looking at that picture doesn't make you super excited, there is something wrong with you.
Craig checking it out.. Notice the drawnobs on the console as well as on the ruckpositiv.

In heaven.


So then we went to St. Wilhadi Kirche and saw another Schnitger organ (III/40) and I once again was unable to notice much of the church, because the organ sucked me in like a moth to a flame. OK, so I totally noticed the Martin Luther stained glass, but hey, I’m a Lutheran girl, what do you expect? This organ was HUGE and more romantic sounding. It was rich and round and full and glorious. When we went upstairs the sound was intensified and you could just feel the power of this sucker. Incredible. I know it sounds like I’m not saying much, but words will never do it justice and I’m at a total loss of where to even begin to try. Seriously. Basically, we got an introduction to both organs today, then had lunch, then split in 2 groups to play and we played and played and switched organs and played some more. It was AMAZING.
The church


Close up of altar

Martin Luther

You may be seated :)


Helping the angels hold up the organ. It's very heavy, you know.

This is happy:


  1. You can tell you are a happy girl!



  3. So, I'm starting to get the idea that either you don't want to go to England next year, but Germany again or that you just might never come back because you are having an overseas relationship with some organ!

  4. You have that intense look playing the
    organ, just like at your recitals.