Thursday, May 14, 2009


My dear, sweet Poco knows something is up. All night I've been packing. And he keeps pacing, going to the front door and plastering himself into the corner. He does every morning as though saying "don't leave me here! Take me with!" This baby does NOT like to be alone, and he knows when I leave he always comes with. But he knows we usually don't go out at night, so he is confused, sitting by the door thinking we're going to go somewhere and making sure I don't sneak out without him! I haven't packed his things yet, but he's watched me put all of my things in my suitcase. (Yes, Meg, all neatly rolled....) As you can see, his Blue Bone security blanket has been closely guarded and he's more clingy than usual to it. He thought maybe my suitcase would make a good dog bed. Sweetie boy, I'd love to take you with, honest I would. More than anything in the world I would love to take you with me. I'll come back, though, I promise you that.


  1. Oh Emily, he is so sweet. I love him. And you to of course.

  2. He Emily, This last comment was from me. Gram