Thursday, June 4, 2009

The last few days....

The last few days have been spent in Amsterdam and the surrounding area and Internet was not access able. So, a brief update. We did a LOT of museums, and pictures are not allowed. We visited the Anne Frank house, which was so powerful. Also we went to the VanGough museum and also to the Reijks museum and also to the symphony to hear Verdi's Requiem. Also we went to 2 organ concerts. It was pretty sweet. We also of course spent time playing and seeing a few organs. We also ate pancakes, becuae they have every flavor imaginable, and its just the thing to do. Also, don't worry... I ate plenty of ice cream. See the previous entry for the list of things I have learned, but in the meantime, some pictures...


Windmills... there were 19 mills total, and it was a pretty great walk.

So we went to this church, which is famous for its floor.... it is made up ENTIRELY of graves. As you can see, there are lots of grave covers. Every rectangle has a body under it. There must have been several hundred bodies buried here. It was the most amazing thing ever.

A better view of the church. HUGE organ. We couldnt play this one, but heard a recital there. Notice more graves on the floor...

Sitting on top of the "E" in Amsterdam statue. It was pretty high up and scary.

Can't believe I'll be back in the states in less than a week... I'm already trying to plan how to come back here.

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