Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hannover: Georges' town.

'Today, we woke up took a little tour of Hannover with Walter as our guide. He took us to his church, where we dropped off some cakes on board for the singers who were having a practice later that day. While the organ was small, I was delighted to play (of course) and my ever trusty PNE (What would that be in Germany, I wonder?) was ever eager to turn pages for me. We played a little bit while Walter tested out all the spaces below to find the sweet spots.

After this, he dropped us off at the Rathaus. After a caution to us young ladies to be careful, he told us we would have much freedom to enjoy the city. We took a scary elevator ride to the tippy top of this sucker into the dome. We went outside where we were guarded only by a thick wall waist high from the sidewalk way far down. It was slightly nauseating, but all in all we enjoyed the view very much.

After this, we did some killer shopping in the town. We greatly supported the economy of Hannover. I’m sure George would be quite proud. You see, Hannover is home to a lot of Georges. Five to be exact. You can’t go wrong with a name like George. These Georges were kings and one of them (don’t ask me which) can be seen in all his splendor and glory riding into town on his horse. Exhausted from all this spending and carrying of heavy bags loaded with Nivea and chocolate (mind you, it was not chocolate Nivea, the nivea had honey and milk only), we decided it was time for a little snack. What better snack than a delicious and creamy gelatto cone? As you can see from the picture, I am a bigger gelato enthusiast than Heidi is, and sometimes she gets a bit exasperated at my consent photographic documentation of our consumption of this delicacy.

After this teat, we trained back to the house, for more coffee and cakes on the lawn, but this time, we had the pleasure of enjoying the entertainment provided by their 3 year old grandson. This little guy was hard at work, moving his “hay” in his truck, from one end of the yard to the other. He was quite cute, but rather shy of us strange looking Americans. We enjoyed a nice chat with Winfried, who is the father of this 3 year old and son of Walter and Hannelore, our hosts. After this, we later had dinner….. Brats cooked on the newly assembled barbeque. When the sausages whistled, they told me it was like an organ sausage. We enjoyed dinner (I skipped the sausage) and we ended up talking for awhile and then going to bed early because we have a big day tomorrow.


  1. I hope this will post...Again, from a previous post, who is/was Otto?

  2. Heidi...I feel for you. :-) Like the turtle in "Finding Nemo" says, "Just keep swimming...just keep swimming.." I say to you, "Just keep eating...just keep eating..."