Friday, July 1, 2011

Silbermann and Strawberries

We began today with some wonderfully delicious Amerikaners. One of my favorite treats here ever. YUMMY.

Then we headed to Nassau so I could play another organ. (Silbermann, II/19) When we arrived, we saw a man in the tower ringing the bell because it was noon. I loved this quaint little town. It was the sort of little town how you would imagine Germany was years and years ago. It made me wish that I was born in Germany several hundred years ago. I could just eat it up. It makes me so so happy to be in these little towns. I can’t even describe it. Anyway, the elder came and let us in and I played for 90 minutes. The pedal board was WIDE and of course no low C sharp. With every organ I play, I can feel my understanding grow and I get more confident in my abilities as an organist. It still is so overwhelming, though. You just get this sense of awe and wonder and feel so inadequate to be sitting on a bench where hundreds of organists have played and you feel like you are becoming one in a long line of organists through the centuries. It’s very humbling and there is this sense of responsibility and the weightiness of it all that settles on you. These organs are DEEP. Even after playing 90 minutes, I had only scratched the surface of all this organ has to offer. I felt like I was living a part of history and the music just came to life as I played it. This music fits so well on these organs. It’s music the way music was meant to be done. Golly. I can’t wrap my mind around it.

After this we drove up the road to the Silbermann museum in Frauenstein. This was chocked full of history and while it was all in German, I could figure some of it out. AND there was a little Silbermann positiv that looked so familiar. Then it dawned on me. We its twin in the crypt of the Bremen Dom. When I went over to read it, I confirmed that this was in fact the case.

When we got home, we went downtown again for more ice cream. And since there was no vanilla at this place, I had to pick out something else, and in honor of Kevin and memory of my first trip to Germany, I ate strawberry. Don’t faint.


  1. Cute haircut, Emmy! Thanks for updating your blog. I'm looking forward to following your journey.

  2. Her hair does look great!! She needs to keep it short and cute!! LOL Glad you are having a blast! Teresa B