Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things I Have Learned...

Gelato is the best thing ever invented.

If you walk in the bike lane, you’re likely to get run over.

If you cross over the bike lane without looking over your shoulder, you’re also likely to get run over.

The bread here is SOOOO good.

The people here like American soft rock.

The people here smoke SOOOO much.

There is no writing on clothes here, and not many t-shirts.

People here are super hospitable, and polite. (Americans could take a lesson from them….)

You have to carry a LOT of coins, since anything under 5 Euros is given in coins.

The police sirens really sound like in the movies.

Gelato is the best thing every invented. (repeat intentional)


  1. I think Gelato has overtaken your tastebuds like Sushi has done to mine.

  2. Just wait until you get to other cities where the trains run through the streets, you really have to watch for those!! I am so glad you like the gelato, its sooo amazing!