Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday.... exploring Hamburg

Today we headed out to explore the city. David took his trusty GPS and led the way, much to the amusement of us girls.
First we visited a bunch of churches, including St. Nikolai, which was bombed during the war. Here's what's left of it...

We also saw none other than MARTIN LUTHER!!!! I was pretty excited about this, as you may have guessed.

We also walked MILES and found the cathedral in Hamburg. The chancel was amazing, but the rest of the cathedral was very modern and very white. Not nearly as big as I would have expected, either.

Then we visited the museum of Hamburg, and saw all kinds of things..... and it’s just amazing how OLD this city is. Crazy! You can just feel the weight of the history here. We learned that the earliest evidence of organs here is 1301!!!! Also, in 1720, Bach applied for the post at St. Jacobi in (which we get to visit later this week) but did not get the job. Imagine not hiring Bach! They didn’t know what they turned down. We also saw stuff on the war and other things about the city. By the evening, 4 more guys had arrived, so we all went for dinner together and had loads of fun. After dinner, we walked to find some gelato, and then everyone played cards until pretty late in the evening. Tomorrow the rest of the gang should be arriving, and the official tour starts on Thursday. I can’t wait to see these organs!!!

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  1. Hi Emily, So interesting reading about what you are doing. Want to let you know that mom brought Poco over at 7 this morning because he was confused about your brother packing like you and he knew something was up. He is good like always. Aunt Chris and Uncle Bob are out taking a walk while I am cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast and Poco is sleeping on the pillow in your room. The windows are open and he barks at all the dogs that are out walking with their owner's. He really likes it out back and sits on the couch with me.